Lesley Clements




I am a freelance illustrator based in the South West.

Although I like to work predominantly in paper cuts, very often this is just a starting point to further exploration as I enjoy experimenting digitally. I endeavour to create narrative and iconic illustrations that can be used for a variety of purposes, from individual handcrafted paper cuts to editorial Illustrations and surface design which can be used for stationary, textile and homeware.

I continue to learn as I experiment and have fun creating new images.


An Illustration of an Eel featured in ‘The Suitcase Full of Eels’ published by Guillemot Press

The Head of School Collection Award 2018 for Art, Design and Architecture, Plymouth University

Student of the Year 2018 for Illustration Plymouth University

I was responsible for the Illustrations and the layout of a Children’s Book called ‘A Taste of the World with Bertie’ published in partnership between Plymouth University and Aqua Elite. 2017

2 Illustrations featured within 'Short Fiction 2016'